So turn your sound down if you might get in trouble!



Most of this site is rated PG. However if a page is rated "R" then the page has a meta-tag preventing children and some public computers from viewing that page. "R" page links are in "RED"

I do use FLASH/Shockwave items throughout my Website.
If you don't have a plug-in for that feature you are going to miss some cool things I have created for your entertainment

This Website uses a complex yet easy to use JAVA menu system along
with a few other items which utilize Java technologies. You must have
this browser feature to navigate this Website.



Most all the stored documents on my Website are stored in the .PDF format which needs a .PDF program or plug-in to be able to view them. Click the icon to the left to download one.


These icons indicate a FREE file you can download at no charge.
There are other icons which indicate the file type you can also
download at no charge to you.


Throughout this Website you will see this text icon which simply allows you to read more on a particular topic or subject. When you click on this text icon a new browser page will open directly displaying another page where you can view more on that topic or subject.

Anytime you see this icon button it means that the current page you are on is NOT complete or finished - But that you can still view some items found on that page

While this button may say "Yahoo Messenger" on it, in reality it shows if I am on ALL of the Internet Message services. This includes Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Insant Message and Facebook

And as always, if you click on this button it will take you to the "Top" of the page you are currently on.


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